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From beginner to expert

600+ pages of pure knowledge


Clear, concise and through instructions

Tricks and tips to bring out the best from your machine

Avoid all the most common mistakes

Learn all the
secrets of Cricut

The bundle that will help you Master your Cricut

What's inside?

Let's look at each book.



The easiest and most complete Guide to master Cricut software Design Space.

Design Space is the brain of your Cricut machine.
The only chance to achieve excellent results is to master this software.

All the steps you need to complete the set-up of your Cricut account, install software, connect your machine and customize your projects.

A large part of the book focuses on how to make the most of the software for unique and wonderful results.

There is an Advanced Tips and Tricks section and an FAQ section.
You’ll love them! These two sections are already worth the full price of the book.

Pages: 164

​Format: Ebook Pdf​

Level: All

Average reviews 4.7



50 Wonderful Project Ideas made easy for you

Are you excited to find out how many beautiful projects you can make with your Cricut?

All the most popular project ideas are clearly explained in this book in an easy to follow format.

They are divided by level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
But don’t worry, the bundle includes everything you need to go from Beginner to Advanced. 

Get a deeper understanding and the knowledge you need to start creating your own incredible projects!

Enjoy making Christmas decorations, greeting cards, 3d paper flowers, luminaries, wall art and more.

Pages: 178

​Format: Ebook Pdf​

Level: All

Average reviews 4.8



The easiest and most complete guide for beginners to master Cricut Maker.

This book helps you choose the machine that’s right for you.

It features talks about the differences between the most popular machines,  going deeper into the Cricut Maker and Cricut Joy capabilities.

You’ll learn all about the Maker and Joy machines,  from how to fully set them up to discovering solutions to problems that may arise before they occur.

Great and helpful sections of this book are “Tips to Help You Get Started” and “Cricut Maker and Joy FAQ”

Pages: 114

​Format: Ebook Pdf​

Level: All

Average reviews 4.7



How to master 100% of its power and be ready for any problem that may arise.

Thanks to this book going from beginners to experts will be a piece of cake.

It’s all here: How Explore Air 2 works and what are the difference between it and the Maker.

From the problems that can arise to the correct use of Design Space, there’s a lot of useful information that can save you a lot of time and stress.

Super Bonus: Tricks and Tips for Beginners

Pages: 245

​Format: Ebook Pdf​

Level: All

Average reviews 4.9

Everything you need.

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Clear and complete.
Simply perfect




If you're looking into the Cricut, this bundle could be a great start for you. It goes over the various models of the machine and what you can do with it. I like that there are project ideas for you to use to practice your crafting. There's also a listing of common struggles for beginners and what to do about them or how to avoid them. 

—  Mark Taylor

This bundle allows you to grow as a creator and even start selling your own creations.

Of course you can watch youtube’s tutorials and search through thousands of online resources. 

But a complete, through manual that has all that knowledge in one place, is incomparable to random online learning.

You will not achieve the same result that you could with these books.

I wrote them for you, to help you enhance your skills easily along the way.

old-woman-reading-cricut-project-ideas (

  • Be ready to start your own Cricut business.

  • Drastically increase your skills.

  • Have better and faster results with your art works.

This bundle is for you if you want to
Download the entire bundle at a special price



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