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Cricut Comparison: Best Amazon Options & Accessories ( To Take Your Craft Business to the Next Level

Updated: May 10, 2023

Did you know that Amazon sells more than 12 million products? Knowing that, is it any wonder that Amazon also sells some of my favorite Cricut products? I love these Amazon finds because they:

  • I can stay more organized

  • They help me save space

  • They helped me to take my small craft business to the next level!

And you know what? I know you’re going to love these Cricut Amazon deals too. Let’s dive in! Cricut Maker This is the Cricut Maker model that I have! You can’t go wrong with a Cricut machine! I love mine and bought it when this model first came out. I have used it for so many things! I’ve used it to make gifts for family and I’ve also used to make stuff to sell. I’ve sold my stuff online, at craft fairs, and in a booth at an antique mall. There is so much that you can make with a Cricut machine! My towels and leather earrings have been my best seller. You can find the tutorial for my farmhouse kitchen towels here. Not only can you make stuff for gifts or to sell, but you can also use your machine to organize stuff in your home or office such as making kitchen labels or even labels for binders in your office!

Cricut Maker 3 The Cricut Maker 3 is the newest model by Cricut. It’s an updated version of the original Cricut Maker but has some new features. One of the new features is that you can cut smart materials without a mat. Smart materials are not new, they were introduced with the Cricut Joy over a year ago. Cricut Joy is a smaller version of the Cricut machines tho. I will go over the new smart materials in another post!

Cricut Joy Machine The Cricut Joy Machine is a compact and portable version of the other Cricut machines. It was the first of the Cricut machines to come out with smart materials. It was also the first of the machines to do matless cutting. It’s great for quick vinyl, HTV iron on, paper projects, and more. Its small size doesn’t require as much space and can be easily put away when you are finished with your project!

Cricut Mug Press I love the new Cricut Mug Press! Making personalized mugs is so easy with this mug press! You can make gifts for friends and family or make them to sell for some extra money! To make mugs with the Cricut Mug Press all you need is some infusible ink sheets, your design and that’s it! I will do a separate tutorial on the mugs.

Easy Press 2 I started out with a bigger heat press but found that the Easy Press 2 is a lot easier to handle especially if you have a lot of projects to do! It also takes up less room and can be put away when done!

Easy Press Storage Bag Rolling Storage Cart with Tray I love this rolling storage cart! It helps me keep all of my supplies organized and together! Plus since it has 2 shelves and I have a Cricut Maker and a Silhouette Cameo 4, I’ve got room for both of my machines! But if you don’t have 2 machines like me you could store something else on the bottom shelf like a Cricut Heat Press if you have one of those!

  • 6 Drawer storage and 2 tier shelf

  • Neatly store and organize all of your craft supplies inside of the drawers

  • If you have more than one vinyl machine like me you can store each machine on their own shelf!

  • Compact size: 27.56″ x 15.24″ x 31.3″ ; Extended table size: 40.15″ x 15.24″ x 31.3″

Vinyl Storage Organizer This vinyl storage organizer can hold 48 rolls of vinyl! It also comes with a wall-mount and over-the-door hook! This organizer helps you keep your vinyl organized by color or vinyl type. This especially comes in handy when you are trying to work on orders so you don’t have to hunt for everything!

Weeding Scrap Ring I love my weeding scrap ring! Weeding vinyl can be so messy and it wants to stick to everything! This ring helps you to weed faster with less mess! My favorite color is hot pink but it comes in 10 different colors. It also comes with a weighted stand so you can use it without it being attached to your finger if you would rather use it that way.

Here is a list with all amazon finds I think they are a must in any craft room ! Click on each image to redirect you to the product .

Conclusion Finding the right equipment to support me in my Cricut business journey took a lot of trial and error. Lucky for you … you get to skip the hassle and fall back on my proven list of amazing Cricut products on Amazon. That means you can spend less time being bogged down by sub-par products and more time making money! Want more business hacks? Follow me on Instagram for all the insider tips and tricks!

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